I can not be trusted


When City of Heroes was released… was it five years ago? (Hmm. Wikipedia says it’s four) I was very very close to buying it for myself. Very very close. I love superhero stories, and everything I heard about the game suggested they did away with most of the level-grinding I’d experienced with Dark Age of Camelot.

I decided against it, though, for one reason–a reason I love very much.

But here I am in Studio City in my friend’s apartment, having created a character on his account, and I played for hours last night. I was up until 3 am playing. And I dreamed about it, too. I woke before he and his girlfriend did and would have been back online finishing missions this morning if I knew the password for his account.

Yikes. I can not buy this thing.

I fly home tonight. It’s been too long since I was with my wife and son.