I haven’t been online much for the past few days


Busy with crap I can’t/won’t talk about. I’m about 3,000 words into The Buried King and I feel like I’m spinning my wheels–and I’ll be damned if just typing that didn’t give me the idea I needed to revamp the opening of the book.

That means I’ll be restarting this thing for the fourth time, but what the hell. Whatever it takes, right?

It doesn’t help that my brain has been consumed by all sorts of personal shit. How do we change our lives for the better? What’s the next step? Do we move? To another city? Dump a bunch of our crap? Buy a car so we have more mobility?

I don’t know. There’s a lot of uncertainty in front of us. Hell, we’re taking a trip in September, but we can’t even decide where to go. What makes things worse is that I can’t even work out the plot of my WIP on long walks; my thought are consumed with problems big and small, especially the petty annoyances.

More later.

2 thoughts on “I haven’t been online much for the past few days

  1. Hi Harry,

    I used to keep a regular Journal online (over @ LJ), but now, 98% of my stuff is for private consumption only, and I Tweet the goodies I find. Am impressed beyond measure that you put your good stuff ‘out there’ and we get to enjoy it. Thanks for it.

    As for stress, I can relate… (am moving again at the end of the month, and small stuff likes to eat my brain, esp. at night).

    Ideas? :
    What do you normally do to “unplug” your brain? For me, I head for a body of water, and soak/swim. I can go to the yY or to the spa (women’s)… but there are spas for guys, too (and not those “specials spas” either…) just a place to soak in water, and let the relaxing body muscles relax the mind.

    When I was in Hungary, people just went ‘to the baths’ a lot…. apparently, here we don’t do it, but it might be a good change. I remember seeing people playing chess & reading while seated in the pool. Good stuff, water.

    Also, before I had someone bring my Mom’s car out here, I got a subscription to ZipCar — and they’re pretty neat. Not too expensive, and if you need a pickup truck, you book the Tacoma; if you need a minivan, you book that. The yearly fee pays for your insurance, upkeep on cars, and gas — you pay a flat fee per hour on the cars you use. And they’re all over Downtown, and other places, too. (An idea for car.)

    Not sure if the info helps, but I hope so. G’luck.

  2. You made the 300th comment! Hooray! (there’s no prize).

    I generally unplug with reading or by playing with my son. I’m not a big fan of submerging myself in water, because water can kill you.

    Reading, though, even if it’s something as essentially dumb as “Dark Avengers #1” I find it very meditative.

    And we’ve looked at ZipCar, but I’ve avoided it. I kinda don’t want to share cars.

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