I shoulda shaved


Jim Butcher’s event drew about 400 people. Yikes. I counted 32 black leather jackets, 21 fedoras/wide-brimmed hats, and only two guys who went for the trifecta: leather jacket, hat and “wizard’s staff”.

With my unshaved face and fat gut, I imagine I didn’t look out of place. I really felt out of place, though.

There was no reading; it was all Q&A, and what’s more, Butcher is a funny, engaging speaker. Even when a reader (the very first one!) came to the mike to ask him about his inaccurate research on gun laws, he was gracious and funny.

After an hour of that, it was time to queue up for signing. I waited an hour and a half to get his latest book signed and more importantly, to thank him for writing a blurb for Child of Fire. He was very kind about my work, and inscribed “One hell of a writer” in my copy of Changes.

But I should have shaved.