Randomness for 4/7


1) The NYTimes (attempts to) compare the environmental impact of paper and electronic books.

2) Scrabble to allow proper nouns. Is this worse than the Designated Hitter rule? Save us Will Shorts!

3) How to write a stupid book review. “Once upon a time in a world far, far away, publishing was run by editors.” Also, it’s amazing how many people heap shit on urban fantasy because it’s perceived to be about women. I say this as an author who is uncomfortable when people praise my work as if it’s an antidote to UF about women and their sex lives.

4) Beautiful photos of the circus, circa 1910.

5) Picturesque old postcards with added alien invasion.

6) Spawn, GI Joe, Optimus Prime, and other figures done in Lego.

7) Forty-five My Little Pony mods.