I would, in fact, jump off a bridge if everyone else did


A lot of bloggers have been posting lists of their most popular posts for 2011, so I thought I’d do it, too. What the hell, right? Google Analytics makes it easy and it beats thinking. So. From least popular to most for 2011, the top five:

5- Patrick Rothfuss lights a cigar with a $20 bill The funny thing about this one is that I found the first episode of HOLMES AND YOYO on YouTube and wow, it’s even worse than I remember. (Okay, I thought that was funny.)

4- My “Judgement Day” Plan for 5/21 Usually I think of jokes when it’s too late to tell them. This one time I came up with something before the actual thing, and it landed in the four spot. Hmph. Anyway, these two are the only humor posts on the list, and I have plenty of other joke posts that never went anywhere, so don’t worry, you won’t be getting a lot more of these.

3- Twenty Palaces The announcement of the prequel’s release, with that great cover.

2- Ten Things Writers Shouldn’t Do Really? Writing advice takes the second spot? I rarely give writing advice on the blog because who am I to be telling people about writing? But this one was linked around quite a bit. Should I write more of this stuff (assuming I have more to say)?

1- It’s Official: The Twenty Palaces Series Has Been Cancelled (long) Not surprising, really, but it’s not a post I particularly want to talk about.

Keep in mind that my little corner of the internet is a quiet place. Actually, it’s practically a hermit’s cave, so these don’t represent huge numbers.