Randomness for 12/29


1) Massive 1,100+ year old Maya site discovered in Georgia’s mountains Or maybe not?

2) Do the FAA’s assertions about ebook reading during take off and landing stand up to scrutiny?

3) Images from one of the most remote and remarkable landscapes on Earth: Dallol Volcanic Crater.

4) Area 51 Alien Travel Center: a soon-to-be-built sci-fi themed brothel in Nevada. Finally, we know what will empty the last few regulars from rec.arts.sf. Anyway, I wonder if building codes will require the vats be installed on the first floor.

5) How to deal with slow walkers. Video.

6) Instead of helping you defeat an alien brood queen, this exoskeleton simulates the effects of old age for young people.

7) What if you were brought on to write a show that no one was watching and no one cared what you did? How weird could it get?