I’m not going to be around much today


The family is heading out to the Apple store and Barnes & Noble so my technophobic wife can test drive some ereaders. She won’t like them, I already know it, but what the hell, right? I get to check them out, too. What I really suspect will happen is that my son will fall in love the the iPad and want one for himself, and that’ll get him off my damn computer every day.

Frankly, we’re more likely to come home with a bag of books than a gadget.

(And yeah, I though the iPad 2 was going to drop yesterday, not tomorrow. My wife doesn’t care about size, cameras or gyroscopes, though–she plans to be disappointed by it no matter what.)

Update: My son tells us that we will also be visiting The Gap so he can buy some new Tshirts.

Me: “All right, son. If you want to, we’ll take a look. Is this about a girl? It’s totally cool if it is.”

Son: “No. I just don’t want to look ramshackle.”

Me: “God dammit! If you’re going to be a member of this family, you’re going to look ramshackle!”

Followed by much laughing. Considering the glasses frames he chose (kinda fancy), the shoes he likes and the pants he asks his mom to make, it’s pretty clear that he’s going to be a dress-up person. It’s like Alex Keaton being born to hippie parents.