I’m so damn tired I feel a little sick


I really shouldn’t still be up. In fact, a smart person would have gone to bed two hours ago.

Not me. I’ve been zoning out in front of the TV–I haven’t even had time to read all the online stuff I’m supposed to read.

Ah well. Tomorrow morning I will finish the page proofs and maybe take it a little easy. I’ll skim through my sorta-final-I-should-be-so-lucky revision of Everyone Loves Blue Dog and dabble at it, then pop over to the library for some quality wireless internet time. That’ll catch me up.

Meanwhile, check out this comment from SF archivist Lynn Thomas (aka: rarelylynne on LJ) all about the best ways to organize and archive your writing work.

Meanwhile, it’s after 10:30 here, and I’m wiped. I’m going to bed before I pass out on my keyboard.