Proofs and Galleys


As it turns out, I really will be going to San Diego Comic-Con. It’s not tentative at all anymore (barring personal or non-personal disaster). At this point I’m waiting for word on whether I’ll be going as a pro or not, then I can buy my plane tickets.

The proofs are interesting. I’m making many fewer corrections than I anticipated, and not because I’m told I’ll be charged for them if I make too many. I’d pay double for the corrections I’m making, whatever they charge.

And did you know Sheetrock is trademarked, just like Dumpster? Man, does that look dorky on the page.

Also, I have to remember that characters don’t need to break the same window twice within seven sentences. Once in plenty. (For some of these fixes, I’d pay triple.)

Finally, I have about 50 pages left and the sucker will be done. I expect to finish it tomorrow. Then everything about the book will be finished except for the hawking.