in which being a jerk is fun


Okay, I wasn’t that much of a jerk on the regular human scale, but on my personal scale, I have been unusually jerkish.

First, I laughed at this Author’s Big Mistake. You can, too! It’s refreshing to laugh at stupidity, and it makes me glad I never, ever respond in any way to reviews (except for the linky).

Aside from the laughs, I acquired useful information: I hadn’t realized that Harriet Klausner occasionally posts as many as 90 book reviews a day. Now, I think less of her, assuming she is only one person.

And, just now, our manager just went around the office handing out Christmas cards. I made sure to open mine slowly, so I’d be the last one in my area to see the gift card, then exclaimed “Hey, a [actual $ value x 3] gift card!”

All heads immediately swiveled toward me, and no one was smiling. Heh.

Finally, a co-worker asked my advice about picking a stocking stuffer for her grown son, and I actually suggested my own book. Shameless! Admittedly, we did talk about a lot of other options first, but once I reminded her the option existed, she didn’t feel the need to ask me for additional ideas… which is benefit enough even if she doesn’t buy him a book.