Just got back from our “tour” of Seattle gingerbread house displays.


They were beautiful, but there weren’t very many to see.

For me, I was hoping to have A Key, and Egg, An Unfortunate Remark ready to send to my agent before I left for upstate NY. I leave on Monday (by train!) but looking over the number of words left to revise, I know it’s not going to happen. Sorry, [my agent]. Maybe at the start of the new year? I feel almost like I have a handle on the voice at this point, so revisions are doing much better than expected.

Now I’m off to help pack. We have quite a bit to do before we go, not least of which is prepping enough activities to occupy an 8 year old on a long train trip through the snowy northern U.S.

Meanwhile, check out these pics of the gingerbread houses. Everything is made of food (mostly candy, gingerbread, and icing).


The Fremont Troll!


More at the set.