Let me astonish and amaze you!


… with my posts in other places on the web!

Over on Black Gate, I’ve posted a bit about the process of making the trailer (not “So we decided to use a key light” stuff, but the decision-making and such). Here’s part one. Here’s part two.

I think they’re pretty interesting, but I would, wouldn’t I? They’re also full of the sort of writer-thinking I never talk about in my own blog, mainly because I don’t feel comfortable being an instructor in this space (or most anywhere, really). I know other writers feel differently.

Over on the Official Kindle Blog, the five co-authors of Suvudu.com’s “A Glimpse of Darkness” novella (available for Kindle on 12/6 for only 99 cents, you can pre-order here) are doing a tag-team series of blog posts, just like as we did with the story. You can see the first one, by Lara Adrian here, and here’s mine. Read them all, I say. It’s interesting.

My son really enjoyed yesterday’s Minecraft survivor’s log. He’s already pressing me to write more. Me, I’m just trying to get these pages edited and the Christmas shopping done.

Tonight, we hang the tree. That’s right, we’re going to try to suspend it upside down from the ceiling. We’re like the Satanists of holidays.

I know. All that has you astonished and amazed, yeah?