Mac Hate


Before I left for L.A./San Diego, I was half-convinced I’d need to replace my desktop computer. It’s a refurbished Mac Mini G4 that I bought 4 years ago. It’s as slow as… well, me, and let’s just say that iPhoto 5 is not quite up to the task that I’ve set for it.

Worse, just before I left it stopped writing to DVDs.

That’s a deal-breaker right there. If my computer can’t save files to discs, it’s outta here.

And now we have the current heatwave (according to local news sites, we are in triple-digit temps right now, a new record) which is always great for computers. Mine is sitting on my desk in a poorly-ventilated corner of the apartment, and I’m sure it’s hotter inside than out. Luckily, I shut it off this morning before I left for work (where our a/c is a freaking joke).

Anyway, my Christmas present was half of a new computer, tbbl (to be bought later). My birthday present was the other half. I have a new machine coming, and it will have Time Machine, Boot Camp and a number of other sources of wonder (including the latest iPhoto), but I have to wait for my credit card to stop smoking from my trip, and I have to wait for the heatwave to break.

This is one bit of shopping I’m half-dreading, half-loving.