Man Who Assaulted Black Woman Later “Lynched” With Words


For fuck’s sake, people. I’m supposed to be working on my book right now, but Qwest made it super easy to log on to the Internet from Starbucks, so I did and I read my f-list and now I’m pissed off.

Via Making Light.

Talking Points Memo lays it out.

You can follow the link to the Making Light post if you want a summary, but here’s an writeup that’s even more brief: Tom Tancredo has recently called Sonia Sotomayor a racist, and said she belonged to a “Latino KKK”. One of Tom Tancredo’s people, Marcus Epstein, the executive director of Team America PAC (“A Political Action Committee Dedicated to Securing Our Nation’s Border”), was drunk on the street and karate-chopped a passing black woman on the head and called her a nigger. This isn’t just an accusation; Epstein has already plead guilty to the charge.

If you think that would prompt Tancredo to fire him, well, aren’t you adorable. In fact, the current plan is that he’s going to continue running Tancredo’s PAC until he leaves for law school in the fall.

Bay Buchanan has written an essay defending the man. No, I’m not going to link to it, but you can find it easily enough at one of the links above. In her essay, Buchanan describes Epstein’s battle with alcohol and depression, and I wish him the best in that, once he’s paid his debt for his crime.

But then she calls the media attention he’s received a lynching.

For Christ’s sake, people, “People are saying mean things about me on the internet” is not the same as being dragged out of your bed at night, hanged and set on fire.

I just… I don’t understand how people could be so narcissistic and so ignorant of history. The whole thing makes me sick.

Yeah, I’ll be jumping right back into my book now, no freaking problem.