I met my goal for the day, which makes three days in a row. Jeez, this is almost like a job. And since I had some extra time, I took care of the three little revisions my editor asked for in Everyone Loves Blue Dog. And that’s where the crazy came in.

I know the book is going straight to the copy editor, and I was paralyzed by the knowledge that I wasn’t going to get a chance to revise it. I mean, I was inexplicably freaked out by it.

Still, it’s done (once again!) and sent off. Next for … Blue Dog will be the copy edit in a few months. Next for Man Bites World is another morning trying to hit my goal before my wife goes to work, which will be tomorrow.

I have twenty minutes to check out my library materials and hit the farmer’s market for some beefsteak tomatoes. Enjoy your day.