Missed the Lego Panel yesterday…


The line was long, long, long. They were giving away free stuff, and it was a Star Wars-oriented panel, so that’s not surprising.

I made it to today’s Brick Journal panel, though, so that worked out okay. I have a bunch of photos of new/about to be released sets, some pics of old-time sets that were never released, including a Napoleonic War set and Prohibition-era gangster set.

I also bought three new sets to bring back with me.

Still not reading my f-list. At this point, I’m going to log off, read a while until my friends catch up to me here, then bolt out of the convention for the rest of the day. Maybe I’ll even (*gasp*) get some writing done.

eta: So far I’ve seen two actor-type celebrities (outside booths where they sign pix for a fee: One was Adam Baldwin being very guy with a lot crowd of admirers and the other was Matthew Gray Gubler in a wheelchair (with a brace on his knee) having his picture taken with fans.

eta, part 2: While I was waiting for my friends, Amanda Palmer sat at my table to get a couple things done before she rushed off to another event. She was fangirled a couple times, and I took a picture of her and a fan with the fan’s camera.