Mozy along there, Mozy


So, Mozy is raising their rates and I need to find a new online backup service. I already use Dropbox for my writing, but I need something affordable for nearly 200 GB of family pix, videos, etc.

What do you guys use?

Update: Sale! I’m going with Backblaze, as long as it doesn’t seriously screw up.

4 thoughts on “Mozy along there, Mozy

  1. I don’t use an online backup service for one simple reason: The Fourth Amendment.

    Information in your possession is subject to the Fourth Amendment and requires a warrant for outsiders to access.

    Information not in your possession does not enjoy Fourth Amendment protections and requires at most a subpoena (and often merely an official request) for outsiders to get access.

    How important is your privacy? If ‘none’, try Carbonite.

  2. Ok, for 200G
    Jungledisk runs 15 cents a gig, so you’d be looking at at $30 a month.

    Carbonite, which is well suited for full online backup of a system, is basically $59 for the year per computer. Much cheaper if you have only one computer you need to get this stuff too or from. Not sure how well they work for selective file retrieval.

    Sugarsync, a dropbox competitor, is $25 a month for 250g. They have a lot of the advantages of dropbox in terms of convenience and use.

    Of these, Jungledisk is the most flexible, since the pricing is a la cart and based on usage. Carbonite’s the cheapest, and as a pure backup, probably the best choice. Sugarsync is probably the best choice if you’re looking for offsite storage rather than pure backup.

    I’m currently on Jungledisk because I still haven’t settled on a backup methodology, so I need the flexibility. I’m kind of looking at Carbonite, having heard good things from friends. I also have a Sugarsync account (like Dropbox, they have a small – five gig – free account option) and it’s slick, but not slick enough that I’ve paid any money for it yet.

    -Rob D.

  3. I use Dropbox to keep all my writing files on both computers, and my backup needs are simple.

    Unfortunately, Carbonite limits me to half what I need. And while SugarSync looks great, it’s hardly cheaper than the new Mozy plan will be. Damn.

  4. I’ve looked into online backup services in other countries, but I haven’t found one I’m a) comfortable using and b) can afford.

    So I’ll probably try Carbonite.

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