Non-controversial, given the speaker


So, much of the media is buzzing over U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul’s unwillingness to acknowledge what every knowledgable person knows he believes. He is a strict libertarian, and he does not believe government should be making rules for private businesses. According to a letter to the editor he wrote years ago, discrimination by the government = bad, but discrimination by private business = Nothing for the law to do about it.

Nothing surprising there, if you understand that he’s very much a libertarian. Personally, I’m not much interested in debating his position. I think it’s a terrible one that doesn’t even make much sense, but whatever. What’s interesting to me is that it’s an extremist position (for a US Senator, not a Usenet poster) and media–and hopefully voters–are giving him a second look.

Should the counter at Woolworth’s have remained segregated? Should there be a minimum wage? Can employers hire people under the age of 15 for full time work? How about under 10? Do we require that toy manufacturers test their products for lead? Can private liquor stores sell alcohol to teenagers?

Those are important questions for a man who’ll be able to filibuster bills and put holds on judicial appointments. Can “the base” get him elected? I hope not.