Non-SFWAns might want to skip this


Or maybe not.

I’m eligible to join SFWA, but I haven’t. I’ve been putting off the decision for two years (which is a decision all on its own, but never mind that) and it’s time to either do it or put it out of my mind and stop wasting think-time on it.

So… joining SFWA. I guess my big question would be what it would allow me to do. I’m pretty clear on what it would do for me, if I needed it. But what would I get to do? Keep in mind that I’m unlikely to volunteer to be a treasurer or something; I don’t currently have enough time to do everything right now, so I’m certainly not going to maintain databases or do mailings or whatever. Also, I don’t go to conventions.

I dunno. Maybe the fact that I have to ask the question is answer enough.