Randomness for 10/12


1) Random House UK will publish novelizations of new and old Hammer Films. A fine idea, if you ask me.

2) My wife and I saw this guy’s art on the First Thursday Art Walk. Beautiful and fun.

3) Keep it classy, Europe! Mom discovers her missing daughter has been found dead on live TV, while standing in her killer’s dining room.

4) A firefighter speaks out about the firefighters who let a house in TN burn down because the owner hadn’t paid their fees.

5) Look at yourself. Now look at Grover. Back to yourself. Now back to Grover. Video.

6) Me, I just mailed mine.

7) 14 Inflatable Buildings. Maybe it reveals a flaw in my personality, but the urge to puncture the wedding chapel and have it deflate on the whole wedding party would be intense. Via Martha Wells.