Tossing story seeds


Here are some story ideas I’ll never write. I’m putting them here because the act of giving them away will ensure they don’t bug me all the damn time.

1) Ma Kent, anti-vax crusader: School nurse discovers that a local anti-vaccination activist is actually trying to hide the fact that her child is a Kryptonian-style alien w/ alien physiology and maybe unbreakable skin. I see this one as a horror story, where the mom seems crazy and over-protective at first, but the protag suddenly realizes the mom is trying to protect everyone else from her kid.

2) Smaug, jewel thief. A tough female police detective investigating a string of puzzling jewel thefts realizes that the thief is actually a dragon in human form, and it’s trying to rebuild its treasure pile. A paranormal romance/procedural, maybe along the lines of Out Of Sight, with Clooney as the dragon.

3) Urban fantasy/courtroom thriller: This is an idea that seems so obvious that I’m sure it’s been done, but I can’t find evidence of it. A courtroom thriller set in a world with standard UF creatures. How will the law change to accomodate the undead? Will non-humans be granted human rights? Alternately, the fantastical elements might be secret–the lawyer for the opposing side might realize that the guy he’s suing is a vampire, or a member of the faerie court, and how do you win against someone who can hypnotize/glamour your witnesses?

4) Serial Resurrectionist: A man who can bring the dead back to life resurrects suicides. I have no idea how to pull this one off without being completely ridiculous and awful, but I keep thinking about it.

5) The haunted lair: Set in a superhero universe, a mastermind-type supervillain brings in a squad of exorcists to put to rest the ghost of a minor superhero/sidekick the villain killed there. The hero doesn’t know he’s dead, and has been interrupting the villain’s work with bombastic speeches and sudden attacks. Of course, once the exorcists’ job is done, they have only the villain’s word that they’ll be set free.

I like this one. I could write it. I just don’t have the time.

6) Peter Parkour, the Spectacular Spider-man. Spider-man agrees to make a parkour video, the sales of which will benefit his favorite charity (isn’t Aunt May working for a shelter right now?) but his jumping around leads him to stumble onto a villain’s hideout, maybe The Vulture. There’s a big fight–caught on video–and SM seems about to lose, but the videographer convinces the villain to pose in better light for the camera and he does, giving Spider-man a chance to clear his head and win the fight.

Too bad I don’t have the rights to this character.

7) God hates killers. Vampires exist, and holy symbols make them burn and scar. But then, holy symbols burn everyone who’s guilty of murder, because God has decided to give the vampire treatment to every killer in the world, living or dead. Homicide detectives routinely spritz suspects with holy water and war vets need to carry a special ID card so TSA personnel don’t brand them every time they try to reenter the country.

And yet, a murder has been committed, and the only possible suspect (she’s even confessed!) can drink holy water like iced tea and handle every crucifix in the precinct house. How can this be?

Meh. It’s an interesting story idea, but too theological for me.

6 thoughts on “Tossing story seeds

  1. #2 is really good. I’d read that as an ongoing series — Simon Draco has centuries of experience and contacts all around the world, Miranda St. George is so new her detective’s shield isn’t tarnished yet. They develop an uneasy alliance, built around the fact that they have very different motivations: She wants justice, he wants treasure. But when their motivations overlap, no one can stand against them.

    #6 you don’t need Spider-Man for — it’d work even better with a non-powered acrobat hero. You could make one up.

    #3, at least as a comedy, is SUPERNATURAL LAW, by Batton Lash. But an idea like that could be treated lots of different ways.

    #5 is very good. I just might write it…

  2. Miranda St. George. LOL.

    #6 started as a game with my son as we tried to design a platformer game like PRINCE OF PERSIA (the one where he fights Ahriman’s guys) and I came up with a Parkour-ish acrobat hero trying to get the female chief of police across a very dangerous city. Meh.

    Parkour has been big in my life since my son started taking lessons.

    I didn’t know about Batton Lash’s comic, which doesn’t mean I didn’t read it, just that it didn’t stick with me. I guess I’m not the only one who thought #3 was obvious.

    As for #5, I look forward to reading it.

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