Randomness for 1/15


1) Why you shouldn’t text and walk. Video.

2) Five self-defense books for women who want to lose a fight. Comic Life put to good use, I say. via Martha Wells.

3) Casey Kasem might curse at me for following a funny bit with a sad one, but Reading as Comfort.

4) Perspective on the “Tiger Mother” book, via Douglas Triggs. It’s interesting to hear the way the WSJ edited Chua’s book to make it seem like she’d written a manual for creating “model minority” children. And by “interesting” I mean “fucked up.”

5) Nothing is Forgotten. A webcomic.

6) Pixar’s sculpture zoetrope. Wow. Video. via Tor.com

7) “But if you’re going to go there, you have to go there. If this feels safe, comfortable, or affirming, you’ve done something wrong.” Ta-Nehisi Coates on the Confederacy, but there’s a lot to think about for anyone who needs to do a little world-building.