Reviews, part 23


1) Charles Stross gives both Child of Fire and Game of Cages a thumbs up. “More, dammit!

2) LiveJournaler Zornhau liked Child of Fire very much. “Imagine James Elroy characters on a fast-paced, shit-kicking mission in a Stephen King small town horror scenario, underpinned by a cosmology so coldly alien that by comparison the Lovecraft Mythos seems anthropomorphic and anthropocentric…

3) LiveJournaler Spartezda enjoyed Game of Cages a great deal. “Urban fantasy with smart interesting opposition for the MC, fast-paced action, a clear-eyed take on the issues it raises, and an intriguing magic system that we’re slowly learning more about.

4) Game of Cages received a terrific review from Colleen R. Cahill for the Fast Forward Contemporary Science Fiction video podcast. “Fans of Jim Butcher and Dean Knootz will find Game of Cages a great book, with plenty of excitement and thrills; this is one worth ignoring the cover and diving in.” That’s a link to the direct transcript of the review, but there’s no video to watch. Apparently, this is from October, but I didn’t know about it until Google Alerts found the blog post announcing it last week. They do have an interview with Jane Linskold still, which is pretty cool.

5) Priscilla at Cult of Lincoln really enjoyed Child of Fire. “Superb. I love the costliness of the magic system–it brings a freshness into the urban fantasy genre.” But I had to turn to Google to find out who Kristin Chenowith is.

6) Former SFBC editor and current book-a-day blogger (among other things) Andrew Wheeler gave Game of Cages an excellent review a short while ago, and now, in his end-of-year roundup, he’s named that book best of September over some pretty stiff competition: “… an urban fantasy that short-circuts miles of the standard justifications and romanticizations of the genre.

7) Rich Brassell calls Game of Cagespretty decent stuff.” It’s another instance of a reader looking forward to the next book in a series when they only gave it three out of five stars. I wouldn’t follow any series that got fewer than four stars, but there you go.

6 thoughts on “Reviews, part 23

  1. Well I really did like the book. I guess I see the ratings as 3 – I liked it, 4 – I thought it was one of the best things I’ve ever read. 5 – one of my favorite books ever.

  2. I didn’t mean for that to sound critical, although I guess it does. Personally, I’m a slow reader and have little time to follow series if I’m not over the moon about them.

  3. This is a Glee thing, right?

    I have to admit, I thought it would be COP ROCK in a high school. I’ve never seen the show, but I didn’t expect people would love and hate it so much.

  4. Iain Gibson

    A Glee thing and a Broadway musicals thing.

    But I first noticed her in West Wing, which only adds to my gay credentials if you believe that the only heterosexual TV worth watching is football.

  5. You forgot MMA reality shows.

    –where super-fit guys with “Condom Depot” over their asses writhe on the floor with other super-fit guys. And at least three dudes break down in tears every season.

    “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

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