Randomness for 3/30


1) Canadian politics made fun by nitpicking about monsters. Via James Nicoll.

2) Shit my students write.

3) Jon Stewart on class warfare, without ever mentioning class. Video.

4) This is genuinely awesome. It’s better than GARFIELD MINUS GARFIELD.

5) This writer’s evening is nothing at all like mine. How to be a social writer. via James Enge

6) Are these the best D&D adventures ever?

7) Sixty completely unusable stock photos. This is hilarious wtf-ery, but it will take a while to load. Open it up in a tab and do something else for a while, then come back to it. Seriously, people, I can’t pick the worst one (okay, I can: it’s the blackface one).

4 thoughts on “Randomness for 3/30

  1. C.S.E. Cooney

    That seems sound! That’s a normal writing night for me too, give or take the presence of family, depending on where I am.

    These writing nights are more once every month/every other month nights. How exhausting it would be if such gatherings were even weekly!

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