My April Fools Day promise


April Fools Tip: If you think it’s funny when someone gets worried, angry, or upset at a prank, you’re doing it wrong.

Personally, I can’t stand April Fools Day; too many people think saying hurtful crap qualifies as a “joke.” It doesn’t. If you’re planning April Fools fun, it should be a) cruelty-free b) clearly a joke and not c) actually funny. If you want to break one of those rules, you should remember John Scalzi’s advice: The failure mode of clever is asshole.

So, if you’re planning a post announcing an unexpected divorce/death/cross-country move/mass layoff/new direction for your writing career, please reconsider. Please.

I will not be posting any pranks.

4 thoughts on “My April Fools Day promise

  1. RKB

    I had a jackhole former coworker on April Fools a few years ago made it look like he fell off a ladder in a warehouse. He put ketchup on the floor to look like blood and made himself look like he badly fell down. Then one of the other guys told the manager that there was an accident. Manager freaks out for at least 5-10 before he finds out it’s an April Fools Joke.

    Unfortunately jackhole employee did not get fired. He actually got promoted. *sigh*

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