Randomness for 4/15


1) Breaking it down.

2) The Pierley/Redford Disassociative Affect Diagnostic. About as accurate as any internet personality test, but this one’s actually cool to take (and only 20 “questions”).

3) The Amazing Media Habits Of 8-18 Year Olds

4) Seven basic things this Cracked.com writer thinks you’re doing all wrong, for certain values of “you.” The only one my household didn’t know about was the brushing after meals thing.

5) Borders execs try to justify bonuses on the revenue their company will bring in someday after they get this little bankruptcy thing straightened out. God forbid their bonuses should reflect what they’ve already done, rather than what they expect to do.

6) Book reviewers, let me point out a thing that is not cool.

7) This is simply wonderful. Play with it when you can listen to sound on your computer.

2 thoughts on “Randomness for 4/15

  1. Jason

    I don’t know where to ask (a more relevant post, on the livejournal, find a direct email), or if I already asked (sometimes I do things that I forget, or do things that I think that I did but actually didn’t), so I’ll just ask here.

    I’ve bought copies of your books for my friends, and they love the series so far and sometimes we growl out loud “I wish the next damn book would be out already!”. But we also really want to play a game in the universe you made. Do you think you’ll ever make a thing with the rules, or a list of stuff, or a compendium to make things more interesting? Think of how much fun a wiki would be with three or four more books released.

    Anyway, thank you for writing, and I can’t wait for however many other come out. I’m sorry if this was inappropriate!

  2. Jason, not inappropriate at all, so no worries.

    In truth, I’m not planning to make a game because I don’t know much about games. Also, I’ve avoided making a compendium of info about the world because I think part of the appeal is that Ray is learning about all this stuff along with the reader, and I didn’t want to put the reader in an information superior position.

    But if there’s someone out there who wants to exploit the RPG rights to the Twenty Palaces books, I’ll be glad to talk to them.

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