Randomness for 6/1


1) Negotiating with the British.

2) http://www.blackpeopleloveus.com/ I really can’t do better than show that URL.

3) Who shot the serif? If you’re curious about fonts and typography, this is a good place to start learning about them.

4) A Tumblr devoted exclusively to Facebook status updates from people who believe stories from The Onion are real.

5) Autobiography of a vampire (former). This shit is why I’m careful to explain to my son that “non-fiction” doesn’t mean “true.”

6) This is cool: a library in NZ opens a public recording studio.

7) THE LESSER BOOK OF THE VISHANTI: A Companion to the Dr. Strange Comic Books. The spells, artifacts, world-building, and more to the Sorcerer Supreme’s end of the Marvel Universe.