Short Fiction! Get Ya Short Fiction Heah!


I have a small number of my short stories for sale online. At some point I’ll set something up for a direct sale on my web page, but there’s already a lot on my plate at the moment. For those who would like to buy one of my short stories for their ereaders, here are the links:

Another Man’s Burden ( | B&N)

Bad Little Girls Die Horrible Deaths ( | B&N)

Soldiers of a Dying God ( | B&N)

The Blood Cord ( | B&N)

The Bone Orchid ( | B&N)

There are many, many other online stores, but posting these have already eaten up a helluva lot of time. Sorry, people who read on the Kobo or whatever. Maybe someday I’ll have time to post these there.

Also, I’ll get more stories online as I can.

10 thoughts on “Short Fiction! Get Ya Short Fiction Heah!

  1. JonathanK

    Just found these on my Nook 2 days ago and snapped them all up. Read 3 stories so far and liked them all, especially the “hero” of “Bad Little Girls Die Horrible Deaths.” Any chance of a novel with Eli Sutherland?

  2. I have the very basics of a novel in that setting, but the first line would be “Eli Sutherland was dead and no one cared but me.” The protagonist would be Quincy Johns, he of the slouch hat and the room at Mother Damnable’s. Eli is too dark to be a novel protagonist; it would make me unhappy to spend 100,000 words with him.

  3. JonathanK

    I hadn’t much considered the effect writing an unsavory character might have on the author but I am a firm believer in doing work that makes one happy, so no argument from me. And, now that I’ve read “The Blood Cord,” I’m favoring [Fat] Willug over Eli Sutherland, anyway, heh. Really, though, it doesn’t matter too much as I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read from you so far, so just keep on writing whatever strikes your fancy, please.

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