My mind is melded


I’m taking a moment to log in at the library that there’s a new Mind Meld up at SF Signal. “What’s this?” you exclaim. “Harry has never linked to a Mind Meld column before! What makes this one so different?”

Well, click through, my friend. The only way you’ll find out is to click through.

(And me without my Spock ears.)

6 thoughts on “My mind is melded

  1. Craig

    Before I give my answer, shouldn’t I mention that this is happening already, all the time, in fan fiction? They’re unofficial reboots, but they’re out there for anyone to read. I know someone who writes fanfic about Doc Savage of all things.

    Er, a little more than DOc Savage Fanfiction out there….

    Will Murray is writing new adventures of the Man in Bronze!

  2. wcmartell

    I love the AMBER novels, and all of Zelazny’s stuff – I keep trying to get a remake of DAMNATION ALLEY set up that actually resembles the book. And it would be fun to adapt DOORWAYS IN THE SAND or that time freeway book (in fact – thought of that book while watching the new Woody Allen movie). Frighteningly, I think Akiva Goldsman owns the film rights to the AMBER books. Be cool if you continued the series.

    Will Murray is doing authorized new Doc Savage novels – and with his DESTROYER history, he’s the right guy for the job!

  3. Unfortunately, since Zelazny has said he didn’t want anyone else writing his series, I wouldn’t even try it until they hit public domain, and I doubt I’ll live that long.

    As for Doc Savage, all I know about it is the TV movie (which I liked!)

  4. Guicella Gonzales

    Im a fan and want to say I love The twenty Palaces. Just got done reading Game Of Cages and I cant wait for more!

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