Something funny about that teaser trailer


You know the old truism that, in film, a writer’s work always gets changed? Well, it’s true. Even in the teaser trailer I just released yesterday, the fact is that what ended up on the screen was not at all like what was on the page.

First, for those who missed it yesterday, the teaser trailer: It’s now on Youtube in High Def and in not High Def. (what’s the term for “not High Def”? Regular?)

Okay? Did you watch it (either yesterday or today)?

Right then, here’s how it breaks down: there was one shot in the script saying Ray cut through a padlock with the ghost knife, but for the rest of it, this is what the script said:


A MAN kneels on the floor, weeping.

Oh God, I’m so sorry!

Ray knocks him down, yanks his jacket over his head and puts the barrel of a gun against his skull.

That’s it. That’s all it said. From those words, the guys at Wyrd created that trailer.

Maybe some other writer would be upset about that, esp if they were writing the check[1], as it were. Not me; I knew the guys would have to change and adapt things to make this work, and I made sure they knew I was cool with that when we started. What I didn’t expect was that they’d take the ball and run with it as far as they have.

Tomorrow I want to clarify a bit why I did this. (It’s not for promotional purposes. Really.) Today I have to take my son to the gym and teach him swimming.

[1] In this context, “writing the check” is a laughable claim to authority, since the guys at Wyrd are putting in way WAY more work than I could have ever paid them for.