Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s legit and who’s not


And sometimes it’s as easy as loading a website.

Check out the website for Mocknick Productions Literary Agency (there’s a “nofollow” command in that link so this post won’t count in Mr. Mocknick’s Google ranks). The agency reps screenplays and novels, apparently, and to promote their business, they have a series of YouTube slide shows.

That star “Arielle”, a sex doll.

No, that’s not a joke. Here’s the first video. Yes, there are more, including some where the sex doll explains why you have to pay upfront.

And here’s Arielle’s own story, from David Mocknick’s own unproduced screenplay called “Doll Warrior” about sex stunt dolls brought to life who fight terrorists.

When I first heard about this from Writer Beware, I was sure it was a hoax. But now that I’ve watched two of the videos, I’m not so sure. This stuff looks like genuine awful. And no, I didn’t watch the video about how to submit.

Also, as I keep mentioning here, next Monday I’ll be traveling across the country by train, and what do I discover but a series of tweets about a guy stranded on a train without power or heat through most of the night?

It was sort of disturbing, until I realized he went from “Hey, power’s out” to “I feel like crying,” and “I keep imagining them backing the train into cold black water” and all sorts of freak out in less than two hours.

Honestly, it’s hard to get all freaked out about my own train ride based on what looks like a hysterical freak out.

And now, a question! Most cell phones play music when a call comes in. What do people call this? The phone isn’t “ringing” per se. It’s playing a tune. Do you still call that a ringing phone?


4 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s legit and who’s not

  1. Greg

    Most people I know just say “I’ve got a call” if they say anything at all. Sometimes they mention that they chose a particular ringtone, but most people don’t say “ringing” anymore and say “call” instead.

    In fiction, I’ve heard it explained like this: “X’s phone started playing Y” (where Y is some song title) and then the character says something like “Hold on, I’ve gotta take this” and then some dialogue related to the call starts up.

  2. Greg

    No problem. The only time I see the ringtone mentioned is if the author is attempting to say something about the character via the music he/she/it would choose for a ringtone. Beyond that, I’ve also seen plain old “X got a call.”

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