That train trip I have been talking about?


It’s only four days until my big train trip across the country. Already! Time, it flies. My son and I have been pretty excited about the trip, and I’ve been kicking myself that I didn’t take the train more often. Yeah, it takes longer, but if the journey is part of the pleasure of the trip, you’re not losing out.

We also have a Superliner Roomette reserved. It’s a room of our own, for those times when an 8yo gets to feeling kinda crazy and would drive the other passengers crazy. Also, my son is a night owl, and is brimming with energy at the end of the day[1]. Better for him to have a little place for his craziness.

And we knew it would be small. I mean, we knew. We saw the dimensions right there on the site linked above (although they had a different flash applet to show the roomette’s features.

Then we saw this video.[2]

Holy crap, that’s small. Especially for a two-day trip with a kid who spends most evenings practicing “Chairkour.”[3]

Erm, maybe we won’t be spending all that much time in there after all. However, on the trip back, I’ll be spending two days in one of those, with no kid, no internet, no nothing, except my books, my work in progress, and the passing view of the country. Heaven!

We’ll see how well I hold up.

[1] No, we haven’t murdered him for it, but it’s been close.

[2] Facebook users, you’ll have to click through to see that embedded video.

[3] An indoor apartment version of parkour, ‘natch.