Storytelling, Heroes, and The Goon.


I just deleted a long post I’d written about The Goon, which was brought on by reading the trades. It was Volume 8: Those That Is Damned.

It was about happiness, and heroism, and how happiness is for people who are too fucking weak to get out into the world and face down evil and misery. It was also about how fundamental this is to so many heroic story structures. It was also about my own need for order and how fucking weak I am that I pursue happiness when I could be doing more and risking more for justice.

But I couldn’t make my point, possibly because I was talking about a lesson I learned from a beautiful comic book about violent antihero criminals who fight zombies and ghosts, who pal around with werewolves and a giant spider in a bowler hat, and all the humor comes from poo-flinging and punches to the face. In other words, an oddball horror comic that’s full of raw, sophomoric humor and incredibly dark characters and storylines. It didn’t seem to fit, but there you go.

They’re terrific books, though; as the stories go past, they acquire a depth you would never really expect. They’re that well written. If you have a chance to check them out (of the library, maybe?) you should.

BTW, here’s a few sample pages of the comic. The art is representative (iow, beautiful), but it doesn’t capture the verve of the book.

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