This is me.


This post by Ally Carter comes at just the right time, because I’m having a bought of the crazies myself. Mine are probably not like yours–I tend to become quiet, lie in darkened bedrooms, and mutter to myself about all the ways I’ve screwed up.

I’m not fishing for encouragement; I’ve said before that encouragement makes me uncomfortable. Still, I’m going to have to come to some kind of balance, or work out a way to put marketing and sales out of my mind. I’ll find success the way every other writer does: by writing books people want to read.

It’s not going to happen by looking at Twitter traffic, or by skimming the Random House bestsellers to see where my book is rated, or by checking sales rankings, or any of that. I just have to work on my next book.

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  1. Tim warren

    I hate to compare you with Jim butcher..but from the interviews I’ve read with him he seems to have faced the same problems with building up a following. He did all the grass roots kind of things your doing.. Signings etc also reading and above all, doing lots and lots of writing. Dont get discouraged just write, be you, and keep trucking along you just have to build audience the old fashioned way

  2. To really bring in the bucks switch ‘er over to TEEN 20 PALACES!

    Ray Lilly as the auto shop bad boy with a heart of gold.

    Annalise as the meanest, toughest teacher in school — but also the teacher who changes kids lives!

    And Catherine Little as the brainy class president with just a bit of a crush on Ray.

  3. Gaz

    I followed a tweet regarding an article your editor wrote, followed the link to the sample chapters from ‘Game of Cages’, and picked up said book today. Unfortunately my nearest ‘bookstores’ would rather sell Americanized manga and other nonesuch instead of books, so I was unable to acquire a copy of ‘Child of Fire’ as well. I blazed through ‘Game’, and I simply wanted to mention that I really enjoyed it. Great characters, pacing, and setting. Since I haven’t read the first novel I doubt I have the entire dynamic down between Our Protaganist and his owner, but I think I was able to pick up enough to fully enjoy this novel. Believable – that’s the term I’d use for Lilly. Capable, but at the end of the day, a human being who’s a bit out of his league but trying like hell anyway. It is a very pleasant change from some of the other fiction in the genre I’ve read, where the characters are wooden superheroes wielding magic rather than superpowers.
    Thank you very much for such an enjoyable book. You have me anxious to read the further adventures of Lilly and company.

  4. janet

    why do I feel total desolation when I read that it will be an entire year for the next book? I know it, but it still hurts to be reminded..sigh.

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