Thanks for the science unit, Jehovah’s Witnesses!


Earlier this week, the usual crew of JW missionaries dropped by to bend my wife’s ear (she’s too nice to ask them to stop coming around) and drop off their literature, which usually goes straight into the recycling. However, this time they gave us a third pamphlet specifically for my son because they knew he “likes to read.” What was it? Creationist propaganda.

Perfect! Finally they’d given me something I didn’t immediately throw away. I plan to go through it with my son while we catalog all the errors inside and learn how people screw up science in the popular culture.

Thanks, annoying people!

8 thoughts on “Thanks for the science unit, Jehovah’s Witnesses!

  1. As a former Witness, I can tell you; you are dead on. Those people are nuts, and they take facts, dates, and events and play Scrabble with them till it pops out something that matches their beliefs. Their magazines are good for washing windows.

  2. And as a current Witness, I can tell you, they don’t really work well for washing windows. But the “Creationist propoganda” in their publications seems quite reasonable to me.

  3. Now I am curious; Tom, you are here, on Harry’s journal. This means that you read and liked his books. Harry’s books are great, but they contain magic, violence, and cursing. These are all things that the witnesses say should not be read or watched for entertainment purposes. I doubt you are reading it for research. If you truly believed in their “propaganda” you wouldn’t be here. As you are here, I deduce that you are opening your mind and boundaries. I congratulate you, and wish you well on your path towards enlightenment.

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