That was the weekend


Apparently, I live in a world where I order checks from my bank but the checks never come. Yes, world, I know there are these things called electronic payments, but some stuff still wants a check.

Anyway, did you know that Monday morning is supposed to be the busiest web day of the week? We self-promoters are supposed to save “big” posts for now, when they’ll get the largest audience. Me, I’m writing about a box of checks that should’ve arrived already. See the famous author ply his craft.

In other vital news, for you weekend non-readers, I had a fun Saturday and Sunday, sort of. Sat was great, with a trip to the local Lego convention, BrickCon. Pictures here. I also received a ton of family-friendly rpg suggestions on my blog and LJ. Thank you to everyone who chimed in.

Sunday was quiet for various reasons. I set my laptop very high–on a stool on top of a table–so I could write standing up. The reduction in leg pain at the end of the day was startling; I’m going to try it again today.

If I were the sort of person who wanted to tie all this disparate stuff together (and I am) I’d link to Michelle Sagara’s posts about writerly self-promotion. Here’s part one. You can click through to the rest if you’re interested. I was and am.

She pulls together a lot of interesting ideas and presents them in a more coherent way than I would, and she also makes me realize that I’m okay with not being an internet celebrity a la Scalzi. Yeah, he sells a lot of books and has tremendous name recognition, but do you know how much time he must spend reading through his own comments, wielding the Mallet of Loving Correction?

I swear to god, I’d never have time for anything else.

I’m really lucky in that it’s extremely rare for me to get a nasty comment or annoying visitor–it hasn’t happened for months. Everyone who drops by here has been really kind to me, and I’m grateful for that. What I really need to do, mentally, is to separate my enjoyment of my own little space online with my desire for ten million people to read my books and Sam Worthington[1] to be cast in the movie version.

I’m off to make coffee and write now before the rest of the family wakes up. My wip has been coming together in my head in a rather sudden way, and I need to finish this scene and jump back to outlining. See you online.

[1]I’ve actually never seen any of the dude’s movies, but I assume he’d be great.

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