The full Twenty Palaces trailer is now live


Previously, I’d posted a teaser trailer for my Twenty Palaces books, but we’re finally ready to share the whole thing. This version includes all the special effects, characters and short scenes from Circle of Enemies (not spoilery), Catherine Little, Charles Hammer, the ghost knife…

And of course, Annalise doing some damage.

Here you go:

Full Twenty Palaces Trailer from Harry Connolly on Vimeo.

Swear to god, the guys at Wyrd did a fantastic job on this. Above and beyond, really. If you follow that link to their site, you can find out more about their award-winning genre documentaries, including H.P. LOVECRAFT: FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.

Hey, if you like the video, please do let other people know about it. Almost forgot: if I can work out the formatting, I’ll post the original trailer script tomorrow, so folks can see the differences and how things change.

12 thoughts on “The full Twenty Palaces trailer is now live

  1. A pleasure to see it all together. Frank seamlessly integrated my music into this edit. I couldn’t be more impressed with the end result; cheers Harry!


  2. Sara

    Awesome trailer! My favorite part’s still the one that was in the teaser; Ray clocks the guy in the chalk circle, and I think that it must have stunned him, at least. But he turns around without a mark on his face and starts laughing….

    Then Ray does his very, very best to reduce chalk-circle-guy’s face to mush.

    It does a great job capturing the brutality, violence, and horror that I know and love.

    (Also, I have to give a mention to the guy calmly zipping his track suit back up after belching fiery lighting out of his abdomen. LOL).

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