This is my surprised face


How surprised are we to find that banks are foreclosing on people’s homes for no reason at all, and often on homes where they don’t even own the mortgage.

Of course, the criminal malfeasance of banks can barely be discussed in this country. I still hear economists blaming the recession on “spending beyond our means” rather than the credit default swaps. I still hear pundits talking about a culture of consumption but not a culture of institutional theft.

But hey, no worries, right? I’m sure the Obama administration will get right on this. He would never allow the American people to be robbed blind by huge wealthy corporations, right? Right?

2 thoughts on “This is my surprised face

  1. RKB

    Blah. The whole trade of “Give the rich an extension for the expiring tax cuts and we’ll extend the unemployment benefits” is disgusting. It’s not a fair trade. I’m really disappointed in the Democrats and Obama.

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