3 thoughts on “This is quite a book trailer

  1. RKB

    Too bad I didn’t understand the trailer at all. It was mostly just a bunch of people fighting. Awesome graphics but once again, if there was a plot to that, I sure as heck didn’t see one.

  2. RKB

    Tangentially related, but for awhile I’ve thought about if I had the money and knew how to film, I would remake Lady GaGa’s video for Alejandro. What I had in my head for a video and then seeing the video were two *totally* different things.

  3. Hey, the kid with the spikes is fleeing bad guys… or he’s stolen something… and he’s magic dude’s son… and there’s fighting… and magic and guns.

    The trailer is mostly sizzle, but that’s fine. It’s what trailers are for.

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