To shift gears.


Actually, let me pause a moment before I shift gears. My anniversary was nice. My wife loved the flowers I brought her and I loved the dinner she prepared (little steaks with sauteed mushrooms, noodles, and bleu cheese salad).

I also went to bed early (actually, I was *sent* to bed) and got a decent night sleep.

*Now* I’ll shift gears:

What are your three favorite movies about ghosts? Or just list three that you really love. Or one. Ghost movies, please.

5 thoughts on “To shift gears.

  1. Rob Smith

    Would you consider “The Shining” a ghost type story? I know the hotel has this creepy psychic residue that latches onto Billy and his dad.

  2. Rob Smith

    “The Shining” is my favorite ghost type story. Although I recently saw “The Frighteners” after a long time and that’s an interesting take by Peter Jackson.

  3. It’s been a while since I saw the first two…The Omen, Poltergeist, 13 Ghosts (the original Bill Castle version; not the poor excuse for a remake – and yes I love vintage camp)

    I love the Jack Nicholson version of The Shining, but I don’t know if you tag it a ghost story, or a psychotic story. There are ghost stories associated with that hotel, I believe.

    Just watched The Haunting of Winchester House, and while the film itself was *meh*, the ending was perfect for a ghost movie. It follows some of the real history of the house, which got me to research it. Now I want to visit.

    To me, the best kind of ghost stories don’t have a bunch of blood and gore; they are psychological and scare the living crud out of you.

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