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  1. I had remembered this as coming out at the end of August, so I’m glad I checked today. It is whirling through the ether towards me right now. Happy book day!

  2. RKB

    I read it yesterday. It was great, especially the ending. Annalise is awesome from a far – I’d run screaming if I met her in real life. ;-)

  3. RKB

    Part of your book video trailer was from book 3, right? Something Arne said in the book was almost exactly was what said in the trailer, but I lost my bookmark that I had for it in the latest book. :-(

  4. Michael B Sullivan

    Congratulations! I’m planning on buying it, reading it, and posting a review as soon as I’m done with reading my present novel.

  5. Hi Harry.

    I just finished it. Nice job. I’m enjoying the evolving relationship between Annelise and Ray. Looking forward to the next one, probably in a year?

  6. A. Nuran

    It arrived on the 30th. I read it.

    My wife started reading it on the 31st after she got home from work. She stayed up until four in the morning finishing it and was a zombie the next day.

    We read a lot, I mean a LOT. You are one of the very few authors we always read through without stopping. We’ve re-read the first two books several times trying to figure out what it is that’s so compelling. Still haven’t figured it out completely except that you’ve got an excellent sense of pacing.

    A question from CoF. Ray talks a little about his first vision of the Empty Places. Is that sort of thing as rare as it seems to be? Does Ray understand how unusual and potentially important it is?

  7. Gillian Thomas

    I bought and finished reading this book the day it came out. (Yay for Kindle!) It made me happy because I love any book that leaves me with more questions than answers. I am still *pondering* the story and some of the little carrots that make me want more. Ray is so flawed and so endearing at the same time that I have to wonder about who he REALLY is. Very few characters have intrigued me the way he has-except Annalise. I have read A LOT of authors and it is rare that I find characters that I think about after I am done reading the book.

    I have to ask how much research was done for this book- especially the fire scenes. It is very accurate (speaking as a firefighter) and didn’t inspire one of my normal rants which normally start “FOR F***s sake! Did you ASK anyone before you made up this scene??” So thank you for that-I am still nursing a grudge against Jim Butcher for some creative license that I think gave me transient Tourette’s.

    My biggest issue is actually with the Harriet Klausner review (taken with a grain of salt, as usual) about this being the final book of a trilogy. What?? Has Del Rey become the SyFy of the publishing world?

    Anyway, thank you for another excellent story. I am looking forward to the next book even if I have to wait. *insert long-suffering sigh here*

  8. Oh, I am so glad I got the fire scene right! I spent a heckuva lot of time watching practice and demonstration burns on YouTube, and reading this or that. So thank you! I’m glad to hear I didn’t screw it up.

    Also, Circle of Enemies makes a sort of set with the other two books, but it’s not meant to be the end. If sales do well, Del Rey will want more and I can write them.

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