Typing this from the U Village B&N


For Seattle folks, the B&N in the University Village is closing tomorrow, and I’ve just gone through check out. (Most) Everything is half off, and there is still a shocking amount of good stuff available. Many shelves, naturally, are completely empty, but the SF/F section is still full of award winners and best sellers, as is the mystery and children’s sections.

The DVD section has a huge shelf of Criterion releases, lots of movies and TV shows (including lots of Dr. Who/Buffy/MST3K, and so on), and some Wii/DS games. Their “British TV” section is still pretty full.

I’ll be sorry to see it vanish, since it was where I bought the Adventures in Fantasy book I blogged about earlier this week, and this is the only store where I met a clerk who had already read and enjoyed my work. (That doesn’t happen every day, lemme tell you).

But there are deals to be had, and plenty of good books left. If you read pbooks, come down and check it out.