Video evidence that my wife is awesome


After warnings from the weather folk of snowfalls up to ten inches deep (which actually fell in surrounding areas), yesterday we received about three inches of snow.

I know, I know: Where you are, three inches of snow is called “Wednesday.” But here in Seattle we have lots of very steep hills and no infrastructure to deal with snowfalls. Last winter, we didn’t even get one sleddable accumulation (yes, that’s a word). So three inches here can be a big deal.

Did I mention steep hills? Because Seattle folk don’t run off to the park to do their sledding, not when so many of our streets are near 18% grade. Instead we head out to blocked-off streets. And yesterday, I gave my wife our little point and click digital camera and asked her to video herself tobogganing down the street.

A toboggan ride, 1/18/12 from Harry Connolly on Vimeo.

At the end of the video, she says “two blocks,” but it was actually three. She claims the last wasn’t steep enough to count. Also, this is the sort of thing I Can Not Watch. I imagine too many awful things, so I hide indoors while they have this sort of fun.

Edited because I forgot to mention: It started snowing yesterday before dawn. It started snowing again this morning. You might think that the most Seattle thing I saw on my walk would be stranded cars or traffic accidents, but no. The most Seattle thing was that no one, at all, had made even a token effort to shovel their walk. Including me.