Well, this is disappointing.


Thanks to a link on Twitter, I stumbled across a tech article about a font especially designed to be easily read by dyslexics. It’s called Dyslexie, and while it’s not what you’d call pretty, it is very, very functional.

As some of you might remember, my wife is pretty severely dyslexic. When I showed her the article (and the video, which is pretty interesting in its own right) she thought it was astonishing. It really did make reading much easier for her.

Of course I wanted to get it for her, so I could make it the default font on her iPad. Here’s the problem: according to what I can find, the font is only available to universities, institutions, and other large groups but not individuals. And it costs around 450 Euros. That’s out of our reach.

Hey, the guy created it and gets to market it however he likes. I’m not going to yank it off some torrent site. But if the only dyslexics who can benefit from it are the ones at rich schools? That sucks.

11 thoughts on “Well, this is disappointing.

  1. Pamela

    Give it a little time, Harry…stuff like this tends to come down in price and go up in availability.

    I’m only mildly dyslexic (dyscalculia is more an issue) so I really feel for her. :(

  2. I wouldn’t call it beneficience so much as wanting to give the education sector another reason to choose them. But you’re likely right that a knockoff will come out first.

  3. Tom Fakes

    Where did you find their licensing information? I may want to use this for my latest project, but I can’t find any information on their site about who they license to and how to buy it!

  4. Neerdowell

    that sucks…

    I do this w/ numbers. With enough work I made it to calc 2 in college but I tend to mix my numbers before I finish the problems.

    Ever notice that people who are good at math kind of write like that? I was also a college math tutor. Just thinking and typing…

  5. Mistercliff

    There is a license for personal use, still way too expensive in my eyes, but it was like 40 or 60 euros.

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