“You have nothing but a war inside you.” Final Punisher trailer and premiere date


The show airs on Nov 17, which is less than a month after it was announced. I wonder if Netflix is hoping to build anticipation by delaying the release day announcement as long as possible.

Not that it matters, since I’ll be binge-watching it on the first day, and I won’t be watching previous Punisher movies to get myself in the mood.

Here it is:

One thing I didn’t realize at first was that this is the same day the new Justice League movie premiers. Marvel is literally counter-programming DC’s big gamble. And as much good will as DC/Warner earned with their Wonder Woman movie, I’m not all that excited about it. I hope it’s great, but I suspect it’s not.

One quibble about the trailer: nothing that I noticed suggested they are going to introduce superpowers into the series. If they don’t, that would be a huge mistake. It’s one thing to have a 13-episode action miniseries. That can be a lot of fun if they manage to vary the fights: context, situations, resources, etc.

But how much more fun would it be if they threw in a scene where Castle has to take on someone who’s bulletproof? Or someone who can regenerate?

All I’m saying is that the MCU is full of untapped resources. Put that shit on screen.

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5 thoughts on ““You have nothing but a war inside you.” Final Punisher trailer and premiere date

  1. Now that you point it out, I agree with you that they should put Frank up against some people with superpowers. It’d be a great way of upping the stakes and I always like seeing how a “pure mortal” (to steal a Dresden Files RPG term) figures out how to handle someone who’s just straight up a power level or two above them.

    I also hadn’t watched the trailers for The Punisher yet, and now that I’ve checked this one out I’m really excited for it. I dig that they’re keeping Karen Page in the mix, too, as I really enjoy her character and it continues the subplot between her and Frank from Daredevil S2 nicely.

  2. If the creepy government guy with the scars is supposed to be the MCU Jigsaw, he’ll be a creepy government guy with resources. Hell, they don’t even have to bring in a brand new character: Will from Jessica Jones would fit the bill.

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