Five things make a Friday post, even though it’s Sunday


1. Congratulations to the residents of New York state! A while ago someone asked, if someone from the mid-1960s were transported to today, what would be the most surprised change, and I suggested the gay rights movement. Marriage Equality in New York and in other countries and states is the result of focused, dedicated political action; I admire the hell out of the work they’ve done and wish their work was finished already. It’s sad that they have to keep fighting.

2. R.I.P. Martin Greenburg. Thanks for all the stories.

3. R.I.P. Peter Falk. I never understood the appeal of Columbo when I was a kid–they always showed the killer at the start of the show! It was only later that recognized the class aspect of the show (like Kolchak) and started to get into it. Yes, he was wonderful in THE PRINCESS BRIDE, but I was honestly startled (pleasantly) by his turn in WINGS OF DESIRE. That role could have been smug and tedious, but he rocked it.

4. The Locus Awards have been announced. (no link) Like the Nebulas, they only reinforce my decision to ignore awards entirely.

5. Have I mentioned here that I’m working on getting my short fiction for sale on the Kindle, et al? I am. The rights to most of my Black Gate stories (except the one that’s out right now) have reverted, plus I have a number of Pald stories that I never sold or even submitted anywhere. They go further into the setting and background than earlier books did, especially how the city is run. I’m hoping to convince my wife and son to whip up cover art for them as a homeschool project. We’ll see.

Bonus, secret sixth thing: Because of travel, we didn’t celebrate Father’s Day last week. Instead we’re celebrating today. I get brunch at a really nice restaurant (Portage Bay Cafe in Ballard) then library/bookstore, and finally, after my wife has gone to work, a movie with my son. Yay!

7 thoughts on “Five things make a Friday post, even though it’s Sunday

  1. Steve

    Ditto (for my daughter). Sadly the other side is using the same sort of dedication in their attempt to destroy the middle class / move all the money to the top few percent / turn us into a banana republic.

  2. Steve

    I love your optimism, but when you add up Citizens United, state-level unionbusting (which targets the only Democratic-giving institutions that can play in the big leagues with the beneficiaries of C.U.), and state-level voter suppression efforts, I’m a little scared for our country.

  3. I’m looking at a long (centuries-long) history of empowerment for the poor and disenfranchised, and a trend for an ever-widening definition of “people in my in-group.”

    The way isn’t straight, and sometimes we move backwards, but human beings are slowly making things better.

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