Holiday book sales


I was just tweeting about this, but I thought I should share it here, too. I tried pretty hard to get The Way Into Chaos into stores before the holidays (the whole trilogy would have been better, but there was just too much to do) and I did.

I’m really glad I did. Ebook numbers on Amazon:

Amazon ranks

ebook sales

These sales aren’t going to buy me a new house, but they’re better than I hoped for.

Plus, the highest spikes there had nothing to do with me. They werere on days when I was barely online at all. I took time off for the holidays and my son’s birthday, tweeting replies to a few questions, but that was it.

Those sales there are readers buying gifts for their fantasy-reading friends, and posting reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and who knows how many other places. They’re talking about the books on social media, or writing reviews for online magazines.

Obviously, sales are going to slow down now that the Giftmas has passed, but there are a decent number of preorders for books 2 & 3. (I wish more vendors allowed preorders for self-published books.) And there are still plenty of readers who haven’t finished the books.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who shared their enthusiasm. Your reviews, tweets, Facebook status updates, everything, makes a real difference.