Meeting writers


Earlier today I went on the Underground tour with Lawrence Watt-Evans and his wife, Julie, and last night I had dinner with them and Kurt Busiek, too.

And it was really great. All three of them were terrific people–which I’d expected, sure, but things were much more comfortable than I’d imagined. My son was a little impatient with grownup talking after the Tour was over, and I knew he wanted some of my undivided attention, but aside from kiddie tyranny, it was fun.

Holy cow, but I just socialized with people w/in the genre. Huh.

2 thoughts on “Meeting writers

  1. Okay, I’m jealous, not having met any of them but having enjoyed their work. (And the odd fact that I lived in the Seattle area for 7 years and never went on the Underground tour, waiting always for the next folks to visit for a reason to go the tourist route).


  2. Well, you can hello those authors at conventions or whatnot. There’s always a chance to say “Love your work.”

    It’s too bad that you missed the Tour, though. I’ve gone several times and it’s funny and interesting. Maybe you should visit an old Seattle friend and give it a try.

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