Reviews part 18


Behind the cut:

1) Mette Harrison doesn’t do a long review, but she does put Game of Cages on her “recommend” list.

2) @BryantD gives this Twitterific review: “Dresden Files, without the optimism and happy endings.” I kinda love that one. I’m not going to link to all the Twitter reviews, because there are a bunch and they’re terribly short (on about par with “recommend”.

3) Gail O’Connor gives Game of Cages a “Highly recommended.” “I started Game of Cages fairly late last evening, intending to read a couple of chapters before I went to sleep. Instead, I stayed up later than I wanted and read it straight through.

4) Hey! “Modern day Molly Brown” is the first person (that I’ve seen) to mention The Sentence. And she really liked the book! “You can bet that when I teach about writing in my classes I will pull these out and showcase this author and genre. Character descriptions were so well done.” Not bad, eh?

5) Here’s a review from Epoch (aka Michael B Sullivan) on the RPG.NET message boards. He likes the book, but the first commenter not so much. “Game of Cages is a solid, gripping fantasy/horror novel, full of action and engaging to the end.

6) NewOrator gives it five out of five stars: “As I’ve said before, strong choices make the best drama and this series has plenty of strong choices.

7) And I’m assuming this last one is a positive: “If you’d like to see the DFiles run through a blender by a kind of Glen Cook/Clive Barker filter, check out books @byharryconnolly” “DFiles” of course, is “The Dresden Files” and this positive tweet came from the folks making the Dresden Files RPG.