Quick Friday post


1. I have promised a thread for spoilery discussions of the Twenty Palaces books. I have not forgotten this promise.

2. Today is the day I travel around Seattle (by bus!) signing book stock in stores. Fun! Okay, not. Actually, it’ll be a good time to do some reading and thinking about item 3.

3. My agent got back to me with some notes about A Key, An Egg, An Unfortunate Remark. They seem very straightforward but will require a bit of fixing to address. Must turn on brain.

4. My agent has also shamed me into replacing my phone. Let us not speak of this further.

5. The Livestrong calorie counter is making me rethink my devotion to kielbasa and peanut butter.

6. Booster Gold is a terrific character.

7. My email inbox has been exploding for weeks. I’m not sure what to do about it, but I have to do something.

8. Last night was date night for my wife and me. Unfortunately, our sitter never showed (don’t know why) so we ended up cooking some quick, sorta-crappy food and then rushing out to Elliott Bay Marina to see “Cirque du Sail” a couple who travel around the world on their sailboat, with their kids, and pay their way by doing acrobatic shows in the rigging for donations. Last night was the final Seattle show but they’ll be in San Francisco in a few days. They’re very good. Check it out if you can.

9. One the way to the Marina last night, my wife turned to me and said “Thanks for coming to see this thing with me.” I said: “Hey, it’s Date Night! We just had bad food and now we’re going to see some unlikely entertainment. The only difference is that we’re dragging the boy behind us in a little red wagon.” Date night, everybody.

10. Time to get out of here and start signing. Have a great holiday weekend, Holiday Weekend People.

10 thoughts on “Quick Friday post

  1. Let me know one or more bookstores you hit and I will pop over and grab a signed copy. I would love one, I have really been enjoying the series and love to support local authors.

  2. Craig Harden

    I would love to know where you signed as well.
    The Third Place Books and Barnes and Noble stores in the area are saying the book is delayed due to the weather in the East.

    Can’t find a copy!
    Must have Ray!

  3. Craig, I signed books at the Magnolia Bookstore and UW Bookstore.

    And I’m disappointed that things were delayed at B&N. I walked all the way there and was surprised to find none on the shelves.

  4. James Orr

    Mmm. Spoilery goodness. Eh, as I’ve stated before on Fred Hick’s G+ and have expounded on to my wife, part of me wants all the spoilers in the world. Part of me is quite happy figuring things out at the rate that Ray Lilly figures them out. I’m torn. Torn!

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